Top 5 moments of SNL 14/11

(Which was kinda sucky)

1. Michelle Dison – ”Around The Town”

Sarah Reynolds [January Jones]: Anyway, he came up to me, pulled out a gun and pushed it into my face!
Michelle Dison [Kristen Wiig]: Not your pretty face!? … I like it! … Your face… Face it! … Let’s face it together! … Let’s face eachother in the dark..!

2. Darrell Hammond!

‘Nuff said!

3. Jon Bovi

1, 1, 2
Who let the cat’s in?
Who? Who? Who? Who?
Is there an owl in here?
Who? Who? Who? Who?
Seriously, did anyone hear that?
Who? Who? Who? Who?
There it is again!
Who? Who? Who? Who?

4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll [Bill Hader]: Yes, I’m attracted to women – like my wife. It’s Mr. Hyde who does stuff with guys.

5. SNL Digital Short – ”I’m In Here!”

Too awesome for words!


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