Top 7 moments of SNL 30/1

[In order of appearance]

1. An SNL Digital Short – Sergio

John Hamm: Sergio!

2. New Senator

Scott Brown [John Hamm]: I want to introduce something to the floor – it’s called your panties.

3. Weekend Update

Seth Meyers: This week Apple released the thing that does stuff that its other stuff already does.

4. Weekend Update

Snooki [Bobby Moynihan]: You wanna touch its poof?

5. Game Time With Randy and Greg

Caller [Seth Meyers]: Oh, and by the way, there’s four Greg’s now
Randy [Kenan Thompson]: Oh, come on!
The Greg’s: You’re the man, Rick!
Caller [Seth Meyers]: I see what’s happening, they’ve figured out how to multiply!
Randy [Kenan Meyers]: No one’s multiplying.
Caller [Seth Meyers]: There’s eight now.
Randy [Kenan Thompson]: Okay, well. That’s the show. So to recap: Superbowl fever, Colts vs. Saints – Who’s gonna win? [Whispering] Help please.

6. Hamm & Bublé

John Hamm: Good evening, I’m John Hamm. If you’re looking for a romantic night out at a restaurant that specialises in pork dishes and fine champagne. Then look no further than Hamm & Bubbly.
Michael Bublé: It’s actually pronunced Bublé.
John Hamm: Well, Bublé doesn’t work. So now it’s pronunced Bubbly.

7. Closet Organizer

It’s so simple to use! All it needs is two meals a day and a little bucket to do its business in!


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