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Top 9 moments of SNL 17/4

[In order of appearance] Host: Ryan Phillippe Musical Guest: Ke$ha 1. Larry King Live Larry King [Fred Armisen]: Now, Björk, has anything positive come out of this? Björk [Kristen Wiig]: Yes. Iceland is now the world’s number one exporter of volcanic ash. Previously our main exports were reindeer bones and giggles. 2. Monologue Ryan Phillippe: […]

Top 7 moments of SNL 30/1

[In order of appearance] 1. An SNL Digital Short – Sergio John Hamm: Sergio! 2. New Senator Scott Brown [John Hamm]: I want to introduce something to the floor – it’s called your panties. 3. Weekend Update Seth Meyers: This week Apple released the thing that does stuff that its other stuff already does. 4. […]

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