Top 9 moments of SNL 17/4

[In order of appearance]

Host: Ryan Phillippe
Musical Guest: Ke$ha

1. Larry King Live

Larry King [Fred Armisen]: Now, Björk, has anything positive come out of this?
Björk [Kristen Wiig]: Yes. Iceland is now the world’s number one exporter of volcanic ash. Previously our main exports were reindeer bones and giggles.

2. Monologue

Ryan Phillippe: Obviously, they can’t give every character a movie.
2.30AM-Guy [Andy Samberg]: Excuse me, hi, what if a character is an internet phenomenon?
Ryan Phillippe: What would your movie even be about?
2.30AM-Guy: It would be a mystery… Of what’s inside the box…
Ryan Phillippe: I.. think I know what’s in the box.
2.30AM-Guy: Yeah, but, maybe it’s something else…
Ryan Phillippe: Is it someting else?
2.30AM-Guy: Nah.

3. Hip Hop Kids

J Style [Ryan Phillippe]: You know what they say – For every baby bear there’s a way out of a cave
Zig-Zag [Andy Samberg]: Yo, I think we should start getting worried about a mama bear
J Style: That ain’t surprising coming from a mama’s boy
Flip-Flop [Jason Sudeikis]: Yo, you got served, Zig Zag

4. SNL Digital Short – ”Oh, hey bro!

Man [Andy Samberg]: You!
Other Man [Andy Samberg]: You!
Man: No!
Other Man: Oh, come on!
Man: Yes!
Other Man: No!
Man: I’ve got a bone to pick with you!
Other Man: I have a bone to pick with you!
Man: Come over here then!
Other Man: You come over here!
Man: I’m not coming over there, I’m here in the door way!

5. Mort Mort Feingold – Accountant for the stars

Mort Mort [Andy Samberg]: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, it says here that you’ve made millions on those vampire movies
Robert [Ryan Phillippe]: Yes, but what I really want to do are those serious dramas like Remember Me
Mort Mort: Yeah, yeah. No one cares. Look, you make too much money to look this terrible. Sweetie, why dont’ you get your boyfriend a new set of clothes?
Kristen [Jenny Slate]: We never said we were dating.
Mort Mort: Okay. But you are. Shush, shush.

6. Shake Weight Commercial

Bill Hader: The Shake Weight. A revolutionary new way for women to shape and tone their arms. You’ve seen the commercial, now – wouldn’t you like to see it again?
If you’re like me you can’t get enough of this Shake Weight commercial. At first, I couldn’t believe it was real. Then, I realized it was. Then, I made sure no one was around – and then I did a third thing.

7. Weekend Update

Seth Meyers: Air traffic throughout Europe was shutdown this week by huge clouds of ash shot out into the air by Iceland’s – I hope I’m saying this right – Volcano.

8. Weekend Update

Seth Meyers: A deputy in Florida was reprimanded after shocking a collegue with a taser, an incident ment to be a joke. Word of advice – if you’re joking with someone and they say ‘Knock knock‘ and you say ‘Who’s there?‘ and they say ‘Taser‘ – Don’t say ‘Taser who?

9. The Underground Rock Minute, Thrilla Killa Klownz – ‘Magical Mysteries

Fucking blankets – How do they work?


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