Fortfarande The Office

Dwight [Rainn Wilson]: Brain teaser – I have two coins totaling fifteen cents; one of them is not a nickel. What are they?
Ryan [B.J Novak]: A dime and a nickel.
Dwight: No, I said on of them is not a nickel
Ryan: But the other one is, I’ve heard that before.
Dwight: Ok, a man and his son get into a car accident. They are rushed to the hospital. The doctor says ”There’s no way I can operate on this boy –
Ryan: ”Because he’s my son”. The doctor is the boy’s mother.
Dwight: A man is found hanging from the ceiling –
Ryan: He stepped on a block of ice, hung himself and the ice melted.
Dwight: A hunter –
Ryan: It’s a polar bear because you’re at the North Pole.
Dwight: Damn it!!

- The Office, S03E05, ‘Initiation’


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